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Couch to 5k Challenge

Do you think running is not for you? Think again!
Gradually build your way to a 5k in 9 weeks with the Great Run Solo Couch to 5k Challenge and earn yourself a medal.

Entry £10.00

Let's Get Moving

Take your first step to being your greatest by joining our Couch to 5k challenge and claim a unique medal to celebrate your achievement!

This challenge and the supporting plan has been created to help anyone go from standstill to a 5k run in just 9 weeks. Our easy to follow plan consists of 3 sessions per week, with your fitness and confidence building little by little with each session. It’s up to you which days of the week work best for your sessions, just stick by the rule of having at least one day rest between each session.

Our online tracking tool will guide you through the training plan and you can tick each session off as you go to monitor your progress. Or feel free to follow a C25K training plan or app of your choice.

 When you have completed your plan and 5k run simply return to this page to declare your completion and your medal will be on it’s way! 

It costs £10 to join – your challenge joining fee includes a unique medal, access to a 9 week training plan and online run tracking tool, and support throughout the challenge.

This is just the start of your journey; once you’ve reached your 5k goal we’ll help you to keep going & set your sights on your next challenge.

A new challenge starts every Monday, take your first step now!

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Your Challenge

Access your training plan or declare your completion

Enter the last seven digits of your Great Run Solo Registration ID and date of birth to log in.

Your Great Run registration ID is the unique reference number found in your entry confirmation email. e.g. if your reference is SON20S2878R3637354, enter 3637354. Help.

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Training Support

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The Challenge

Couch to 5k Challenge

How it works

1Sign up for the Couch to 5k challenge
2Follow the weekly training plan - or your own
3Keep a track of your progress
4Complete your 5k run
5Confirm you have finished to get your medal!
Entry £10.00

Tracking Your

Tracking your progress will help to keep you motivated on your 5k journey. You have the option of using our online tracker to follow your 9 week plan, and mark each session complete as you go.  If you would prefer to use your own plan or app, that’s fine, you can just come back and let us know you have completed your 5k run to receive your medal.

To log in and access the training plan, and confirm your completion, you will need your unique Great Run registration ID. This can be found on the email confirmation you will receive when you enter.

If you have any queries about the challenge, please see our FAQ section.

The Reward

Couch to 5k Challenge

High Five for 5k! On completion of your 5k run we’ll send you a shiny Great Run Solo Couch to 5k High Five medal to wear with pride.

Entry £10.00

What You

Your entry fee includes a unique Great Run Solo Couch to 5k ‘High Five!’ finisher’s medal (pictured), access to your online Couch to 5k training plan and tracking tool, plus support throughout the challenge.

On completion of your 5k run, simply confirm that you have completed the challenge and we’ll send out your medal.

Note: For international runners, there is an additional £3.50 charge to cover medal postage.

Your Challenge

Don’t forget to share your pics & videos of your Couch to 5k journey with us on social using #GreatRunSolo.

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