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Morrisons Great Manchester Run

Europe's biggest 10K running event has seen more than a quarter of a million enthusiastic runners take to the streets of Manchester since the run was established in 2003.

Broadcast live on BBC the Great Manchester Run has raised over £22 million for charity and is part of an elite group of running events with the IAAF Gold Label. The North West's 10K run has grown into a weekend festival of sport, including the Junior & Mini Great Manchester Run and the Great CityGames Manchester – a unique elite event that attracts some of the world's top athletes on a purpose-built track in the heart of the city centre. This year's Great CityGames will feature Olympic heptathlon champion, Jessica Ennis-Hill, and fellow heptathlon rising star - Katarina Johnson-Thompson.

SMS Results

You and two of your family or friends can receive your Morrisons Great Manchester Run result by text.
Your finishing time will be sent to your mobile phones within seconds of crossing the line. To register for the FREE service, simply go to and follow the simple instructions below.

  1. From the SMS registration page type your registration ID and click on ‘Submit Go’
  2. Select your date of birth. Click on ‘Submit Go’
  3. Please enter or update the mobile phone numbers in the three boxes provided. Please ensure each number is complete and starts with 07, with no spaces or other characters. Click on ‘Submit Go’

The Course

The start line is on Portland Street near the junction with Oxford Street. The police and local authorities are very supportive, but please note that we do have to re-open the roads quickly after the event: if you are still on the course after 15:30 you may find that stewards ask you to finish the run on the footpaths, and we ask that you comply with this instruction. If you need further assistance, the course team will be on hand to help get you back to the finish. The finish system will remain in operation until all runners have crossed the line on Deansgate so all runners will receive their time and Finisher's Pack.

Look out for…
Take in the views of Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium, the award-winning Imperial War Museum and The Lowry. You will also pass the famous cobbles of Coronation Street’s new set. Perhaps the most significant landmark will be Beetham Tower, the 47-storey skyscraper which almost marks the finish line for you!

Advice from the medical team...
North West Ambulance Service and St John Ambulance will be at the start, along the course, at the finish on Deansgate, around the family reunion areas and in front of the Charity Village – if you need attention look out for the green banners that will mark the medical posts. If you do require treatment during the run and they think it’s unwise for you to carry on, they will suggest you retire from the event and, although nobody can be forced to stop, it is strongly recommended that you heed the medics’ advice.

Bands on the Run and charity cheering points
There will be a number of bands and DJs playing everything from opera to rock and roll. Hipswing Entertainments present The Fraudsters, an indie covers entertainment phenomenon. Another highlight will be The Blame, one of Manchester’s finest rock and pop covers bands, playing all over the country at many prestigious events. Clint Boon’s famous ‘Boon Army’ stage will be stationed at 5.5km playing Manchester classics and anything upbeat. We’ll have two ‘walls of sound’ for you at 6km and one after 9km, featuring Key 103’s specially chosen playlist to drive you along. If this isn’t enough then the Manchester Evening News Go Zone at 8.5km offers even more music, encouragement and a jelly baby or two for that extra lift!

There are three Charity Cheering Points on the course where supporters of Cancer Research UK will be cheering you on as you pass them at around 1km and then at about 9.5km. At 4km and 7km you’ll see supporters from The Christie and the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. At the finish, event supporters Manchester Aid to Kosovo host the Oast House stage in Spinningfields with sets by Manchester-based Clockwork Radio, acoustic folk duo Finch and the Moon and singer/songwriter Janileigh Cohen, plus DJ sets throughout the afternoon. The stage opens at 11am.

Aqua Pura water and Lucozade Sport LITE
Aqua Pura water will be available before the run from water points at the north end of Albert Square and on Portland Street near the Portland Tower. On the course there will be two Aqua Pura water stations at 5km and 7km. When you take a bottle of water please don’t drop it on the course. Keep your bottle with you or throw it carefully on the verge. Remember water is there to drink, not pour over your head, if you’re looking to cool off run through the shower at 6.5km. Aqua Pura water will be given out at the finish, as well as Lucozade Sport LITE inside your Finisher's Pack. If it’s a hot then please bring extra water or sports drinks with you.

Course Map

Assembling at the start

Look at the back of your run number and you’ll see a reminder listing your arrival and start times. The start and assembly areas are located on Portland St in the heart of Manchester. Portland St runs from Piccadilly Gardens towards Oxford Street. There are five coloured waves at the run with different start times to ensure that there is enough space for everyone. You will be allocated to one of these coloured waves based on the estimated running time you gave us on your entry form. Those with faster estimated times will be in the earlier waves and those with slower estimated times in the later waves. This means that people are running with people of a similar pace to them and as such will improve everyone's running experience.

We strongly advise that you arrive early, soak up the atmosphere, stretch those muscles and join in the pre-run warm-up. If you’re early, rather than heading straight to the start, why not visit the Charity Village in Manchester Central? The start show will be hosted by Great Run regulars Bryan Burnett and Kris Temple. As well as playing great music and hosting a number of special guests they will keep you informed and let you know when assembly is open for your wave. The maps in the Course section show the suggested route that you should use to approach the start area, just follow the coloured arrows on the map for your wave. Coloured balloon arches will mark the front of each assembly area and marshals will be there to direct you. The start area will be busy but if you follow the colour coded routes and assemble at the times we’ve suggested it should mean that you don’t have to push against the flow. Please note that there are tram lines in the city near to the start area: thousands of pedestrians walk across these each day so they are perfectly safe but do watch your feet and look both ways before crossing.


Assisted wheelchair entrants
Those taking part in assisted wheelchairs are asked to line up towards the rear of the assembly area relevant to their coloured wave start.

There will be three warm-ups on the day, led by our Great Run fitness guru, Roy Gayle, and Manchester’s own Christina Waring. These will take place in the assembly area, with one at 11:25 for the Orange and White waves, a second at 12:15 for the Blue wave and one at 13:00 for the Green and Pink waves. Roy and Christina will stay on the stage to give last minute tips and a friendly wave to all you runners as you make your way to the start line.

Information desk
Located at Manchester Central (follow the signage from the Windmill Street entrance behind the Radisson Hotel), the Information Desk is open from 12:00 to 17:00 on Saturday 9 May and at 08:30 on Sunday 10 May. Please note that one hour before the start is not the time to solve entry, run number or timing chip problems. For such issues please visit our FAQ section at or email the Morrisons Great Manchester Run team at in advance.

Temporary event toilets are available near the start on a number of city streets and in Albert Square – see the maps below for details. There are also permanent public toilets near the Town Hall on Lloyd Street, within Great Northern and inside the Manchester Central Charity Village. Near the finish there are temporary toilets on a number of the side streets off Deansgate. Those near the start are always very busy: we provide hundreds of toilets but try not to wait until the last minute to go. Please note that Manchester city centre has an excellent CCTV system so use the proper toilets provided!

The Start


The Morrisons Great Manchester Run will finish on Deansgate near the Hilton Hotel and Beetham Tower. After you cross the finish line, marshals will direct you to the Aqua Pura water and Finisher's Pack stations. There will be thousands of runners finishing after you so please keep moving along until you have exited the system.

Your Finisher's Pack contains your exclusive T-shirt and medal. These packs are for finishers only so please don’t take more than one. The runner-only finish system ends at the junction of Deansgate and Peter Street. This area must be kept clear to allow runners to exit, so we ask spectators to use the family re-union areas and runners who have finished to not block the gates out of the finish area.

Collecting your baggage and meeting up

Beyond this point, runners from different waves will be directed to different zones to collect their baggage and to meet up with friends and family at the reunion area.

As runners arrive at the end of the finish system each wave of runners will be directed as follows:

Orange and Green waves will be turned left towards Hardman Street to their baggage buses and family reunion in Spinningfields.White, Blue and Pink waves will be turned right onto Peter Street for their family reunion area and baggage drop within the Charity Village at Manchester Central.

At your reunion point, you should aim to meet under the board that matches the first letter of the runner’s surname. Please bear in mind that the city centre will be very busy so you will need to agree any meeting points in advance – it won’t be possible for everyone to say: “I’ll see you at the finish line!” If you are not using the reunion areas you could also use the car park you are using, the train station you came into, a shop or café, or one of the landmarks in Manchester such as the Town Hall. If you’re linked to one of the official charities, why not arrange to meet up at the Manchester Central Charity Village?

The Manchester Central Charity Village

A number of the official charities will have meet and greet stands in Manchester Central on the day. This will be open from 09:30 until 17:00 to welcome home charity runners. Contact your charity to find out if they will be there. Please note that in 2015 the entrance will be via the Charter Foyer, not the main entrance. This is on the Windmill Street (Radisson Hotel) side of the building.

The charity village is open to all runners, not just those running for a specific cause. Here you will find charity stalls and more information about future Great Run events. If you’re looking for some extra help with your recovery, head to the Massage Zone.


Spinningfields will be hosting the warm-down party from the Oast House at The Avenue Courtyard, with stretching led by Roy Gayle, live bands hosted on the Manchester Aid to Kosovo stage, food and drink offers, and more. Manchester is full of great cafés, pubs, bars and restaurants: look out for those displaying the “Great Runners Welcome Here” race numbers – simply show yours to take advantage of special offers both pre and post event.

The Finish

Event Location

Manchester not only boasts a population of over half a million people but it also offers visitors a wealth of activities to get involved with.

You could try a bit of skiing or get your football fix, take a trip to some of the best shops in the UK, or maybe visit a museum or a brewery; there really is something for everyone.

For more ideas on things to do in Manchester you can go to:


Please note: If you are travelling into Manchester from the east of the City we would suggest that you avoid the area around Manchester City’s stadium as there is a match kicking off at 13.00 on Sunday 10 May.

About Manchester

The start

The start area will be busy but spectators can still watch. All we ask is that you stay off the course and behind the barriers. Some parts of the assembly area are for runners only – any areas with restricted access will be well signed and marshals will show you where you can stand.

The course

For a good vantage point to watch your friends and family you could choose Chepstow Street, Great Bridgewater Street or Albion Street near Deansgate Locks. If you want to get a look at the runners in action, why not head out to the halfway area near the Imperial War Museum North and Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground? You can walk over to both of these locations from Salford Quays, which is served by the Eccles Metrolink line and offers good car parks with great shopping and leisure facilities.
Out on the course, please be aware that only those roads used for the run will be closed to traffic so stay on the footpath at all times for your own safety. When crossing the course please do so with caution, and only when the road is not in use by the runners.

The finish

The finish area on Deansgate is open to spectators, but viewing at the finish line itself is limited. A good place to watch runners head out and back is along Chester Road and Bridgewater Viaduct south of the finish. If you do watch from Deansgate please stand behind the barriers and off the roadway at all times.

In the event that viewing areas on Deansgate become full, the marshals will close off access to this area. You can also wait for runners at the relevant family reunion areas in Spinningfields beyond the Peter Street/Quay Street junction (for runners in the Orange and Green waves) and on Peter Street (for runners in the Blue, White and Pink waves).

Big screens

Why not watch the run unfold on a big screen? As well as general coverage of the run, we have a camera trained on the finish to give you a great chance of seeing your friends and family cross the line. This year we have two big screens: The Virgin Trains screen on the forecourt at Manchester Central between the start and finish and one within Spinningfields by the Oast Housestage. These will be live from 10:00 and will show footage from the run once underway.

Prizes and presentations

Presentations will be made at 14.00 to the top three men and women and the top three male and female wheelchair athletes. These will be made on the presentation stage at the Charity Village inside Manchester Central so please go along and show your support and appreciation for some world class performances.

Afterwards there will be the chance to have your photo taken on the podium too, remember to wear your medal with pride.
All other prizes will be mailed out after the event. Cash prizes exist for the top 10 men and women, the top 10 UK athletes and the top five in the elite wheelchair event.

Information for spectators


Allow yourself time to get to the start and work out your route in advance. If you're travelling to Manchester from the east of the City we'd suggest you avoid the area around Manchester City’s stadium as there is a match kicking off at 13.00 on Sunday 10 May.

By train:

Travelling to the event on the West Coast Mainline? Then take advantage of the exclusive Virgin Trains discount: For you, your friends and family...whether you're travelling to an event on your own or up to groups of nine, you can all get up to 50% off Virgin Trains Advance Fares. This exclusive discount on Virgin Trains is the cheapest, easiest and most comfortable way of getting you and your supporters to the start line. Click here to book now.

By car:

Please take note of the road closures as most are to the south of the city between Manchester city centre and Old Trafford so if you come in via the north, east or west you can avoid many of these.

  1. Plan your journey in advance of run day; the map below highlights the main city centre closures but please check for the full road closure list if required.
  2. Do not assume you can use your normal routes into the city centre. Please DO NOT rely on satnav devices as these could take you along routes which are closed for the event.
  3. There will be many other runners coming into the city, so the roads will be busier than an average Sunday morning.

Parking your car:

There are plenty of car parks to choose from but the areas closest to the start and finish will be very busy so consider parking a little further away and walking to the start to get those legs moving.

By Metrolink:

There will be an enhanced Metrolink service on the day, and trams will run every 12 minutes between 09:30 and 17:00, and every 15 minutes outside of this. The first service runs from Altrincham at 06:53, from Eccles at 07:30, from Bury at 06:49, from East Didsbury at 06:52, from Ashton-U-Lyneat 06:55, from Manchester Airport at 06:52 and from Rochdale Town Centre at 07:00. Due to the County Championship cricket taking place at Old Trafford, the Altrincham Line is likely to be busy from late morning onwards.

Metrolink Sunday services: Bury-Piccadilly, Altrincham-Piccadilly, Rochdale Town Centre-East Didsbury, Eccles-MediaCityUK-Ashton-under-Lyne, Cornbrook-Manchester Airport. Visit or download the free Metrolink App for iPhone and Android.

By buses & National Rail:

For local bus and other travel enquiries please call the Transport for Greater Manchester traveline 0871 200 2233 (7am to 8pm, Monday to Friday, and 8am to 8pm at weekends and bank holidays). Calls from BT landlines cost 10p a minute, mobile and other landline networks may charge an additional tariff or you can visit for local public transport information and links to other travel sites. For National Rail Enquiries call 08457 48 49 50.

By bike:

Manchester City Council has invested heavily in facilities to make cycling in Manchester City Centre easier and safer. Visit


The event has an extremely positive impact on the City of Manchester, bringing thousands of runners to the city annually, plus family and friends, as well as BBC cameras to showcase the city and surrounding areas in Trafford.
The race route is a 10km lap, starting on Portland Street by the junction with Oxford Street and finishing on Deansgate close to the Hilton Hotel (Beetham Tower). A number of roads within the city will be affected by this event and road closure and traffic diversion plans will be in operation on the day. Warning notices will be installed 7 days beforehand on key routes. 

Affected roads are listed below:
Tonman Street between Deansgate and Barton Street will be closed from 09:00 on Saturday 9 May 2015.
There will be no access from Deansgate along Tonman Street or onto Longworth Street. Access Tonman Street via Barton Street; access Longworth Street via Camp Street.

Sunday 10 May 2015
The following roads will be closed from 05:00. To build the start area, Portland Street between Oxford Street and Princess Street, including Dickinson Street to the South-East of Portland Street and to build the finish area Deansgate between Whitworth Street West and Peter Street including St John Street from Deansgate to Byrom Street.

The following roads will be closed from 09:00 to allow for the course to be set up ready for the run. This will include Princess Street between Albert Square and Portland Street; Portland Street from Princess Street to New York Street; Chepstow Street; Great Bridgewater Street; Bridgewater Viaduct; Chester Road between Bridgewater Viaduct and Cornbrook; Bridgewater Way; Chester Road between White City Circle and Sir Matt Busby Way; Sir Matt Busby Way; Wharfside Way; Warren Bruce Road; Trafford Wharf Road between Warren Bruce Road and Trafford Road; Waterside; Sir Alex Ferguson Way; Trafford Road from White City Circle to Colgate Lane; Peter Street; Southmill Street; Bootle Street; Jackson’s Row; Lloyd Street; Central Street; Byrom Street between Quay Street and Hardman Street; Hardman Street; Atkinson Street; Deansgate between Peter Street and John Dalton Street; Oxford Street between Peter Street and Whitworth Street West; Abingdon Street; George Street from Charlotte Street to Nicholas Street and Nicholas Street to Princess Street; Minshull Street from Portland Street to Aytoun; Bloom Street from Chorlton Street to Princess Street and Major Street from Sackville Street to Princess Street; City Road East and Great Jackson Street.

Please note - While Portland Street is closed, access to Chorlton Street Coach Station will be via Sackville Street.

The following roads will be closed from 10:30 to link up the start of the course with Bridgewater Viaduct: Whitworth Street West from Deansgate to Gloucester Street; Albion Street; Medlock Street.

Residents living directly on, or with secured parking off, any of the above roads who will need to use their car on the morning of Sunday 10 May 2015 should use alternative parking away from those roads affected by the road closures.

Event stewards and course staff will assist traffic and residents wherever possible on the day of the race, allowing access to and from properties within the road closures whenever it is safe to do so up until 10:30. Please note that for safety reasons there can be no access onto the course after this time. We will endeavour to open roads as soon as possible.

The following roads will re-open from 14:30: Albion Street; Medlock Street; City Road East; Great Jackson Street; Whitworth Street West from Albion Street to Gloucester Street.

The following roads will re-open from 15:30: Portland Street; Chepstow Street; Great Bridgewater Street; Princess Street, George Street and Oxford Street.

All other roads in use fo

Road closures


If you want to find out more information about accommodation, eating out and other attractions in Manchester please call the Manchester Visitor Information Centre on 0871 222 8223, or visit




Please see below for the 2015 event day timetable:

Time Morrisons Great Manchester Run
05:00 Portland St (start) and Deansgate (finish) road closures go in
08:30 Information Desk opens Manchester Central
09:30 Charity Village and Baggage Services open
10:00 Assembly areas open at the Start for Orange numbers
10.30 Assembly areas open at the Start for White numbers
10:55 Start of the Morrisons Great Manchester Run Elite Wheelchair Race
11:15 Start of the Morrisons Great Manchester Run Elite Women Race
11:23 Mass warm up at the start with Roy Gayle and Christina Waring for Orange and White numbers
11:37 Start of the Morrisons Great Manchester Run Elite Men's Race and the Orange wave
11:50 Assembly opens for Blue numbers
11:55 Start of the White wave
12:15 Mass warm up at the start with Roy Gayle and Christina Waring for Blue numbers
12:25 Start of the Morrisons Great Manchester Run Blue wave
12:25 Assembly areas open at the start for Pink numbers
12:35 Assembly areas open at the start for Green numbers
13:00 Mass warm up at the start with Roy Gayle and Christina Waring for Green and Pink numbers
13:10 Start of the Morrisons Great Manchester Run Green wave
13:30 Start of the Morrisons Great Manchester Run Pink wave

*NB. All times are subject to change in the lead up to the event


Any athlete wishing to compete via an elite entry for the Morrisons Great Manchester Run must meet the following criteria:

10 mile51.0060.00
Half M69.0080.00

Other standards considered:

  • Top 20 placing at National Senior XC Championships
  • Any athletes (Junior/ U23 / Senior) that have represented Great Britain at XC/ road or track (at 1500 and above) over the last 3 years will also be offered free elite entry.

Elite Wheelchair entry criteria:

Half M1.25.00
Entry Criteria

We offer overall prize money and British only prize money. Prize money will only be awarded to elite athletes not athletes who run fast times from the mass start.

*British athletes can collect both prize structures.

  Men Women   Men Women
1 $800.00 $800.00 1 $2000.00 $2000.00
2 $500.00 $500.00 2 $1500.00 $1500.00
3 $300.00 $300.00 3 $1000.00 $1000.00
      4 $750.00 $750.00
WHEELCHAIRS 5 $500.00 $500.00
1 $500.00 $500.00      
2 $350.00 $350.00      
3 $150.00 $150.00      

Both Elite fields are restricted to numbers so apply early to avoid disappointment. Email with details of qualifying performances, name, DOB and club.

The Elite Management reserve the right to refuse any entry whether an athlete meets criteria or not. This is a guide and does not guarantee elite entry into any Great Run Event. Elite entries will close approximately 2 weeks before the event.

Prize Structure


Great Runners Welcome Here

To find out how to take advantage of the free Great Runners Welcome Here offers linked to your event click here.

Your Morrisons Great Manchester Run offers:

  • Bali Health Lounge

    Free upgrade - Exclusive offer! Book either one of our Signature massages or Hot Stone massage and receive a free 30 minute upgrade, worth £38, subject to appointment & availability on day of booking. Available Monday to Thursdays until 14th May 2015. Terms and conditions apply - available for 30 and 60 minute treatments only. Upgrades cannot be guaranteed due to appointment booking and therapist availability.
    48 George Street
    Greater Manchester
    M1 4HF

  • Hey Little Cupcake

    Any drink and cupcake for £5
    2 Hardman Street
    M3 3HF

  • Yo!Sushi

    Free Miso soup for anyone dining in or with any takeaway box purchase. Offer valid 9th, 10th & 11th May.
    Unit R6 & R7
    Arndale Centre
    MA4 3AQ

  • Harvey Nichols Manchester

    Looking to refuel after the Morrisons Great Manchester Run? Make a dash to the Second Floor to enjoy a complimentary ‘Runner’s Reviver’ smoothie* with your brunch to soothe those sore muscles. Available Sunday 10 May 2015, from 11am – 5pm. For more information, please contact the Second Floor Reception on 0161 828 8898 or email Terms and Conditions *Great Manchester Run participants are required to produce their race medal to qualify for a complimentary smoothie with the purchase of any main course or breakfast.
    Harvey Nichols Manchester
    21 New Cathedral Street
    M1 1AD

  • McDonald's Restaurants Ltd

    Big Mac, Chicken Sandwich or Filet O Fish with a soft drink for £2.50. This offer is available 3rd to 17th May at these Manchester restaurants:

    • 36-38 Oxford Street
    • 18 St Ann's Square
    • Arndale Centre Food Court, Arndale Centre
    • Manchester Arena, Victoria Train Station


    SPORTS MASSAGE RUNNERS PACK - 4 Massages for £49 - Valid April and May 2015. Cannot run in conjunction with other offers available. Call 0161 883 0077

    • 3-5 St John Street
    • 3-5 St John Street

  • Thaikhun Spinningfields

    Free #TastyThai cocktail for all Great Run medal holders!
    Unit 17, 3 Hardman Street, The Avenue, Spinningfields,
    M3 3HF