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Morrisons Great North Run

Live on BBC

The Great North Run will be broadcast live on BBC One, 09.30 - 13.30, with the highlights programme showing on Sunday 13 September on BBC Two, 18.00 - 19.00. The Great North CityGames will be live on BBC One on Saturday 12 September, 14.00 - 16.00. The world's leading half marathon, the Great North Run, was first staged in 1981 where just over 12,000 people took part on the 13.1 mile course from Newcastle upon Tyne to South Shields; with entries reaching 57,000 people in 2014. In 2014 the event made history as it became the first International Association of Athletics Federations event in the world to welcome its millionth finisher. Previous runners include some of the most famous names in distance running; Mo Farah, Paula Radcliffe and Haile Gebrselassie. If you need to withdraw your 2015 place to next year please click here >


Please see below for the 2015 event day timetable:

Time Morrisons Great North Run - Sunday 13 September
08:00 Information point opens (located on the Town Moor, near Exhibition Park) and baggage buses open (located along Claremont Road)
09:15 Start assembly area opens
10:05 Baggage buses depart for the finish
10:10 Elite wheelchair race starts
10:15 Elite women start and mass Morrisons Great North Run warm up
10:30 Assembly area closes
10:40 Elite men and Morrisons Great North Run start

*NB. All times are subject to change in the lead up to the event

The Course

Starting in Newcastle upon Tyne the 13.1 mile route takes runnes through the city centre towards the River Tyne where thousands of people will cross over the iconic Tyne Bridge, where if you're lucky, you might get a glimpse of the Red Arrows passing overhead.

From there runners will travel through Gateshead while being entertained many bands on the run. The route, lined by thousands of supporters, leads runners to South Shields where at the top of Prince Edward Road the view of the sea is one of the most welcoming sights along the whole course.

From that point there is just over a mile to go and the crowds get louder as runners make their way down the final straight towards the finish gantry.

Click here to view a larger version of the 2015 course map.

Course Map

There will be thousands of other people heading towards the assembly area so please leave yourself plenty of time to get to the start, especially if you are looking to use the baggage buses located on Claremont Road (adjacent to the start).
Please approach the start area from Claremont Road which brings you safely down to the A167 Central Motorway. Remember you can access your assembly area using both sides of the carriage way.

No late entries are possible on the day. All queries should be dealt with in advance by emailing On the day, our information cabin will handle general enquiries from the Town Moor just up from the start line. Alternatively please visit the information point situated at the Morrisons Great North Run Pasta Party on Saturday 12 September, between 10am and 5pm.

Toilets at the start are located adjacent to the baggage buses and at the information cabin on the Town Moor. We recommend that you don’t forget to pack some toilet tissue with you, just in case you get caught short!

38 baggage buses are provided at the start for the safe storage of your belongings, which are then transported to the finish for your convenience. Any clothing, etc. left on the carriageway at the start will be removed during the clean-up operation and donated to charity to allow the reopening of the roads as quickly as possible.


  1. The night before. Complete all the details on your baggage label (this is attached to your number) and make sure you tie it to your bag.
  2. Arrive early. Make sure you allow sufficient time to get to the buses to deposit your bag as they leave at 10.05am prompt. If it’s a cold day bring some old clothes to wear while you wait to start which you don’t mind discarding before the run. Items will be collected by a clothing charity.
  3. Valuables. Please remember not to bring any valuables with you to the event. If you bring your mobile phone, please switch it off before you leave your bag.
  4. Remember your bus number. The baggage buses are colour coded (see signage in windows) so please deposit your baggage accordingly. Don’t forget to remember the number of the bus you left your bag on. Stewards will stamp the bus number on your run number to help you remember.
  5. I missed the bus. If you miss the buses that depart at 10.05am don’t panic, you will be asked to put your bag on one of the late baggage vans at the Grandstand Road end of Claremont Road. These vehicles will be clearly marked and will set off for the finish once the event has started. Any late baggage will be available for collection from the late baggage vans on their arrival at the finish, or the baggage information cabin.
  6. At the finish. Buses will be located on the grass by Bents Park Road (seemap page 47). Please be aware that for security reasons, access will only be possible for runners wearing their number.
  7. Lost property. If you can’t find your bag at the finish please check at the baggage information cabin. Once the event has closed, any lost baggage enquiries will be handled by emailing 
At the start

On arrival familiarise yourself with the area and pay attention to the location of your coloured assembly zone, baggage buses, toilets and information point.

  • Follow the signs which lead to the baggage buses (along Claremont Road) if you wish to use them.
  • Follow the signs to your coloured assembly zones, your number/alphabetical letter corresponds with your zone.
  • Once at your coloured assembly zone you will be asked to show your number to gain entry.
  • Please be considerate to your fellow runners and assemble according to the colour/alphabetical letter of your run number. On the day, signs will be clearly visible to direct you accordingly.
  • When in your zone, please move forward to allow others to assemble behind you.
  • Prior to the event starting, make sure you deposit any rubbish or bin liners to the side of the road so as not to cause an obstacle to other runners.
  • Behind the start line there will be four big screens which will advise you of any last minute information. After 9.30am these screens will periodically show live footage taken from the BBC.
  • Please listen and watch out for any last minute details given either by the PA announcer or alternatively detailed on the big screen.


  • To allow safe management of assembly, each zone has a limit to the number of runners allowed in.
  • If you leave your assembly zone, you will be allowed back in by showing event stewards your number up to 10.30am.

Please be patient once the gun has gone and soak up the atmosphere while you make your way to the start line. Don’t worry about your time! Your timing chip will not activate until you cross the start line for a completely accurate time over the 13.1 miles.


Assembly information

We have a full medical team in place at the event including doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists, the North East Ambulance Service, British Red Cross and St. John Ambulance. There are at least 21 first aid posts along the course as well as mobile medical units.
Medics will be situated at each mile point and drinks station, and of course at the finish.
If you have any medical condition, for example asthma or an allergy, detail this on the back of your number, along with any medication so the doctors have the information – just in case you are one of those who need attention.
If medical staff think it is unwise for you to carry on, they will suggest you retire from the event. Nobody can be forced to stop, but it is recommended that you heed their advice.

Pick-up points

This year we have three pick-up points along the course at the 8½, 9½ and 10¾ mile points. These mini buses are for runners who want to pull out of the event and need to go to the finish area. You will be dropped off as close to the baggage bus area as possible, traffic permitting.

Event Sweep Vehicle
There will be a sweep vehicle travelling at a designated pace of 17 minutes per mile at the rear of the field. If you fall behind this vehicle you will be deemed to be out of the run and be instructed to complete the remainder of the run on the pavement.
If you feel you are unable to complete the run a bus will transport you to the finish. Finisher's packs, refreshments and the baggage service will be maintained at the finish until all runners have completed the course.

In addition to the start and finish, there are six drinks stations on the course. Bottled Aqua Pura water is available at 3 miles, 5¾ miles, 8½ miles and 11½ miles. Lucozade Sport will be available at 4½ miles and 10 miles. It is recommended that you try Lucozade Sport in advance before trying it on the run. Please remember that there are thousands of thirsty runners behind you so please move on from the tables once you have taken your drink. Mains water is available as an emergency back-up, courtesy of Northumbrian Water. Toilets are available on the course at all six water stations. If you discard your bottle when running, please do your best not to drop it onto the road where other runners can trip on it or onto live roads being used by traffic.

Showers will be set up on the course, so if you need to cool down don’t grab extra bottles of water just to pour over yourself. There are three fine mist sprays between 8 and 12 miles – look for the large “shower ahead” signs.

There are 15 official Bands on the Run that are in position at set locations around the course to help motivate and entertain you throughout your run. We also have 12 charity cheering points this year to cheer you on as you pass. For the location of your charity please refer to the key on the bottom left of this page and the map.

If you are planning on walking the Morrisons Great North Run or at any stage in your run you need to walk for a period, please keep to the left so runners can pass you with ease.

During the planning of the Morrisons Great North Run we take every care to ensure the emergency services can still go about their duties with limited hindrance. However, if an e

On the course

We operate four finish systems side by side; our marshals will guide you in. Regardless of which funnel you use your time will be automatically recorded by the chip system. Although it may seem very tempting to stop please keep moving as you cross the line, as there will still be thousands of runners behind you. We have a comprehensive medical service at the finish should you need it.

Keep moving through the finish to the Aqua Pura water station. Once you have left the finish you can refill your water bottles at the signed drinking water points behind the finisher’s marquee and by the baggage buses. There is also water at South Shields Metro. Make sure you have extra drinks in your kit bag, with friends or in your car.

To collect your Finisher's Pack, simply follow the overhead signs in accordance with the t-shirt size you indicated at entry. Your pack also contains, a space blanket, a bottle of Lucozade Sport and other goodies.

The family reunion area is at the exit from the finish on the grass on the seaward side. Follow the signs to “Family Reunion”. Meet up under the A-Z banner that matches the first letter of the runner’s surname. You might choose to meet up elsewhere, e.g. at a charity tent or at your car – the important thing is to agree this in advance with everyone in your party. 

The baggage buses are parked near the finish on the grass by Bents Park Road. Only runners are allowed on board the buses. Late finishers may find that the buses have gone but your bag will be held at the baggage information tent. Changing marquees and toilets are on the grassed area beyond the buses.

If you can’t find someone, try using the Message Centre next to the Information Point where you can leave messages for friends and family or speak to the information team. 

Gypsies Green open air stadium contains the finisher’s marquee, complete with food, drink and entertainment. Visit our
official sportswear partner PUMA and see the new range of Great Run merchandise. Lucozade Sport will be waiting to meet you and Sony are on hand to showcase their latest runner friendly headphones.

Toilets can be found at: Gypsies Green open air stadium, the Charity Village, the Family Reunion area, near the grandstand, along the Coast Road and by the changing marquee. Male urinals/women only loos will be located near the Information Point.

There are 100 charities with marquees in the Charity Village to meet and greet runners. Many of them will be providing refreshments, massage and entertainment making it a great place for some post-event relaxation. Contact your charity to see if they will be there.

Results will be available at as soon as you have crossed the finish line.

If you’re looking to keep children entertained while waiting don’t forget about the South Marine Park, Ocean Beach Pleasure Park and Dunes Bowl & Amusements Centre, the brand new Haven Point Pool & Leisure Centre, as well as the fantastic beach. There are more places to eat and drink in the town centre, including the world famous Ocean Road with its huge choice of Indian restaurants and the award-winning Colman’s fish and chips.

At the finish

Event location



As the official travel partner of the Morrisons Great North Run; Nirvana Europe Ltd are able to offer a number of event day transfer services to help take the stress and worry out of your event day preparations, which can all be found on their website >

Book accommodation:


The start area is 13.1 miles away from the finish, so please decide carefully where you will park. Please note: no event parking is available at the start.

  1. Drive and park at the finish then catch a Metro/shuttle bus from the Leas or Bents Park Road to Haymarket Metro and the start. Parking is available on the seafront and in South Shields town centre. Parking charges will apply so bring some change.
  2. Park in one of the designated parking areas in Newcastle City Centre. 
  3. Beat the South Shields traffic and park at a Metro station and catch a Metro to Haymarket station. Parking all day at Kingston Park, Northumberland Park, Regent Centre, Bankfoot, Four Lane Ends, East Boldon, Fellgate and Callerton Parkway Stations is free on a Sunday. Heworth Station costs £1.20 for the day.
  4. Get dropped off at the start and collected from the finish. If you are being dropped off at the start we recommend you are dropped off near to Haymarket Metro station. If you have someone coming to collect you from the finish and you are being picked up on the Leas, please be aware that to speed up exit from the car parks there will be no entry after 14.00. 

For local travel information call Traveline Northeast on 0871 200 2233 and follow @TyneWearTravel on Twitter.


The start is about a 15-minute walk from Haymarket Metro Station in Newcastle City Centre. South Shields Metro station is about a 15 minute walk from the finish line. Trains will be very busy due to the high volume of people travelling, so please expect a significant wait on the way home.

All day parking at Kingston Park,Northumberland Park, Regent Centre, Bankfoot, Four Lane Ends, East Boldon, Fellgate and Callerton Parkway Stations is free on Sundays. Heworth Station costs £1.20 for the day. Visit or call 0191 20 20 747.


The start is about a 15 minute walk from Haymarket bus station in Newcastle City Centre. There are also bus services going to nearby Eldon Square bus station and many on-street bus stops. Shuttle bus services will be running between the start at Newcastle and the finish at South Shields. Bus information can be found at:,,


The Shields Ferry connects North Shields and South Shields.Extra crossings will start at 08:45, running until 18:00. Shuttle buses connect North Shields Metro Station and ferry landing. Visit or call 0191 20 20 747.


A bike park will be available at Gypsies Green, located close to the finish. There's bike parking at Haven Point on Pier Parade in South Shields. Bring a suitable bike lock and do not leave any valuables with your bike. Organisers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. 


Please see the list below for useful public transport links for travel on the Morrisons Great North Run weekend: 

GO North East

Information on local services, useful ticket apps, pre-paid travel wristbands and more.


Full details of Metro services on event weekend.  Morrisons Great North Run wristbands are on sale now.

Stagecoach Bus

Timetables and extra bus details can be found on the Stagecoach website.


Useful travel websites


Nirvana Europe Ltd are the official travel and accommodation agent for the Morrisons Great North Run and have a whole host of accommodation options on sale for runners and spectators.

Ranging from the Official Morrisons Great North Run Campsite to the 4* Official Event Hotel, all options can be booked on a stand alone basis, or include Nirvana Europe Event Day Transfers too, which will take you to and from the event on the day.

For further information and to book your accommodation online, please click HERE

Or alternatively do not hesitate to call or send an email...with their knowledge on the event and being based in the North East, they are perfect people to help take away the stress and strain from your travel arrangements.

Telephone: 0191 257 1750 - Morrisons Great North Run Travel Helpline!
Office Opening Hours: 9am - 5pm (Monday - Friday)


Recently voted, by Guardian and Observer readers, as the best city in the UK, Newcastle is the place to visit.

Nestled next to the River Tyne, a stone’s throw from the North East coastline, and a short drive away from the rolling countryside, Newcastle has a multitude of qualities to offer any visitor.

The huge arts and culture scene offers visitors an alternative reason to visit the ‘toon’ other than its traditional buzzing bars and quirky restaurants.

Visit the popular Quayside area to see the famous Tyne Bridge that joins Newcastle and Gateshead, and pop across the tilting Millennium Bridge to visit the Baltic Gallery and the Sage concert venue.

For more ideas on things to do in Newcastle you can go to:

About NewcastleGateshead


Any athlete wishing to compete via an elite entry for the Great North Run must meet the following criteria:

10 mile51.0060.00
Half M69.0080.00

Elite Wheelchair entry criteria:

Half M1.25.00

Other standards considered:

  • Top 20 placing at National Senior XC Championships
  • Any athletes (Junior/ U23 / Senior) that have represented Great Britain at XC/ road or track (at 1500 and above) over the last 3 years will also be offered free elite entry.
Entry Criteria

We offer overall prize money only. Prize money will only be awarded to elite athletes not athletes who run fast times from the mass start.

  Men Women   Men Women
1 $800.00 $800.00 1 $2000.00 $2000.00
2 $500.00 $500.00 2 $1500.00 $1500.00
3 $300.00 $300.00 3 $1000.00 $1000.00
      4 $750.00 $750.00
      5 $500.00 $500.00
1 $800.00 $800.00      
2 $500.00 $500.00      
3 $300.00 $300.00      
4 $200.00 $200.00      
5 $150.00 $150.00      

Both Elite fields are restricted to numbers so apply early to avoid disappointment. Email with details of qualifying performances, name, DOB and club.

The Elite Management reserve the right to refuse any entry whether an athlete meets criteria or not. This is a guide and does not guarantee elite entry into any Great Run Event. Elite entries will close approximately 2 weeks before the event.

Prize Structure


Great Runners Welcome Here

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    One free child admission (to the Science Centre only) with every full paying adult (excludes concessions). Valid for September 2015 only.
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