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Superstar Athlete Eilish McColgan has joined forces with the AJ Bell Great Run Series as Official Ambassador to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in running this year. 

The Commonwealth Games Champion is sharing her insights and knowledge here to support all runners, whether they’re preparing for their first ever event, or they’re already a finish line veteran. Eilish has led the field at a number of Great Run events, including breaking Paula Radcliffe’s long held European 10,000m record at the AJ Bell Great Manchester Run last year. Off the track Eilish has been a vocal supporter of women in sport. Alongside partner Michael Rimmer, she has set up Giving Back to Track, a not for profit giving children in Scotland the opportunity to enjoy athletics regardless of background or cost. Giving Back to Track provides support to individuals who need it the most – whether that be covering the cost of track facilities, buying training kit or paying for club fees.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Eilish to some of our events this year and giving our runners the opportunity to benefit from her support and expertise, to help with training. Read on for training plans, tips and advice.

Tips and Advice

2023 got off to a flying start, with Eilish taking Paula Radcliffe’s 10,000m British record (previously held for 21 years) in a time of 30min 00.86sec at an event in California. We can’t think of anyone better to offer running training tips and advice! Come back over the coming weeks as we add more articles and video tips from Eilish to help you train for event day.

Video Tips

Tips & Advice
The Benefits of Turmeric

The Official Wellness Partner of AJ Bell Great Run Series, Solgar combines the best of science and nature to create the finest nutritional suppl…

Tips & Advice
A Beginner’s Guide to Supplements

Choosing the right food supplements can feel a little daunting, especially when faced with rows and rows of options in the shop.

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The Lowdown on Electrolytes

When we think about nutrients, electrolytes aren’t the first ones that come to mind. Read on for the lowdown.

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Supplements to Support your Immune System

Your immune health is important to keep you feeling at your best and an important component to maintaining overall health.

Tips & Advice
Do I even need a Multivitamin?

Is taking a multivitamin is worthwhile or necessary. Well the answer isn't a definitive 'yes' or 'no' but almost everyone could benefit.

Tips & Advice
How to Choose a Multivitamin

Choosing from all the multivitamin formulas can be a little bewildering so making the right choice for you may feel like quite a task.

Eilish McColgan’s
Training Plans

Prepare for your 10k or half marathon with one of these training plans, devised by Eilish.

Suitable for anyone who already has a base level of running fitness (20 minute easy running without undue difficulty), each plan includes a mix of activity and rest days with added tips from Eilish on how to get the most out of each training run, building up to event day. Half marathon training plans are based on level, from beginner up to advanced, so you can start with where you’re currently at with your running and go from there.

Save and follow one of these plans and you’ll soon be hitting your stride – ready for that incredible finish line feeling!


10k Training Plans

12 Week Half marathon training plans

10 Week Half Marathon Training Plans

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