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Superstar Athlete Eilish McColgan has joined forces with the AJ Bell Great Run Series as Official Ambassador to encourage as many people as possible to get involved in running this year. 

The Commonwealth Games Champion is sharing her insights and knowledge here to support all runners, whether they’re preparing for their first ever event, or they’re already a finish line veteran. Eilish has led the field at a number of Great Run events, including breaking Paula Radcliffe’s long held European 10,000m record at the AJ Bell Great Manchester Run last year. Off the track Eilish has been a vocal supporter of women in sport. Alongside partner Michael Rimmer, she has set up Giving Back to Track, a not for profit giving children in Scotland the opportunity to enjoy athletics regardless of background or cost. Giving Back to Track provides support to individuals who need it the most – whether that be covering the cost of track facilities, buying training kit or paying for club fees.

We’re looking forward to welcoming Eilish to some of our events this year and giving our runners the opportunity to benefit from her support and expertise, to help with training. Read on for training plans, tips and advice.

Eilish McColgan’s
Training Plans

Prepare for your 10k or half marathon with one of these training plans, devised by Eilish.

Suitable for anyone who already has a base level of running fitness (20 minute easy running without undue difficulty), each plan includes a mix of activity and rest days with added tips from Eilish on how to get the most out of each training run, building up to event day. Half marathon training plans are based on level, from beginner up to advanced, so you can start with where you’re currently at with your running and go from there.

Save and follow one of these plans and you’ll soon be hitting your stride – ready for that incredible finish line feeling!


10k Training Plans

12 Week Half marathon training plans

10 Week Half Marathon Training Plans

Team Eilish

We’re excited to introduce you to #TeamEilish for the 2023 AJ Bell Great Scottish Run. The team will be exclusively mentored by the UK and European 10k record-holder in the lead up to this year’s event. With regular online sessions, the team will be following Eilish’s exclusive training plans to run their greatest run at this year’s race. The teams consist of varying abilities, different running journeys and stories, and will be training to smash their own personal goals or PBs.

Discover more about our Scottish team members, and follow their training, over on social media using the links below. You can download and follow the same 10k, half marathon and 10-mile training plans above. And if you’re looking for your own running community to support you in the lead up to this year’s events, you can join our Great Scottish Run Strava group before the big day.  



#TeamEilish will be exclusively mentored by UK and European 10k record-holder Eilish in the lead up to this year’s event.


Kirsty is a marathon runner from the North East of Scotland and works in partnership with Great Run’s Official Hydration Partner, Aqua Pura.


Rona is a Scottish lifestyle photographer and writer and loves to share her experiences of the outdoors and fitness online on Instagram.


Sorley is a Scottish Gaelic content creator and adventurer and documents his journeys across the world on his TikTok account.



Rach is a lead rep from the HWJ Run Club in Glasgow, you can follow her training progress on her TikTok account.


Madeline is a lead rep from the HWJ Run Club in Glasgow, you can follow her training progress over on TikTok.


John started his self-improvement journey after the passing of a family member and documents his journey on TikTok.



Jade is the founder of the HWJ Run Club in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Follow her training on her Instagram account.


Greg is a Postgraduate studying at Queen Margaret University and running to raise funds and awareness for MND Scotland.

Eilish McColgan launched Team Eilish earlier this year, with a team from Manchester taking on the 20th AJ Bell Great Manchester Run. Consisting of Humz, Eryn Barber, Samantha McGowan, Dan Kristof, Amy Hughes and running group, Run Wild MCR, the team trained over 8-weeks, and all smashed their personal bests. In case you missed the #TeamEilish activity from the AJ Bell Great Manchester Run, you can watch their training here.

AJ Bell Great Manchester Run 2023 | Team Eilish

Tips and Advice

2023 got off to a flying start, with Eilish taking Paula Radcliffe’s 10,000m British record (previously held for 21 years) in a time of 30min 00.86sec at an event in California. We can’t think of anyone better to offer running training tips and advice! Come back over the coming weeks as we add more articles and video tips from Eilish to help you train for event day.

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