General Training Tips & Advice

We’ve got hundreds of articles filled with our best tips on everything from training schedules, motivation, nutrition, footwear and breathing techniques, to crafting your best running playlist and best practices for before, during and after your run.

General Training

General Training
Why Do Push Ups

Push ups are a great addition to your running training. Read on to learn why.

General Training
Healthy Fats to Fuel Your Run

Contrary to popular myth, fat can be good for you! Fat is also a rich source of energy for runners and can play an important role in our health.

General Training
Top 10 Fuel Foods For Runners

Here are our top 10 foods to help sustain energy levels and boost the immune system to keep you in tip top health for your general training.

General Training
Face The Music

The right music for you can play a big part in making sure you are ready to race at your best. We decided to take a look at why...

General Training
How To Get Back Into Running

For everyone who has taken a break from running, it will take time for your body to adapt to running again. Here are some helpful tips...

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