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We’ve got hundreds of articles filled with our best tips on everything from training schedules, motivation, nutrition, footwear and breathing techniques, to crafting your best running playlist and best practices for before, during and after your run.

General Training

General Training
Six smart steps to healthy joints

Physiotherapist Jenny Blizzard's advice on joint preparation and how to maintain good joint health.

General Training
Six Foods Every Runner Should Eat

Forget expensive supplements and shakes. The best sports nutrition products are right under your nose.

General Training
3 Inner-City Manchester Training Routes

Here are three handy go-to Inner-city Manchester training routes that we regularly use when we are short on time for planning.

General Training
Common Running Injuries – and how to handle them

There are some common running injuries that can cause problems for runners of all abilities from time to time.

General Training
Make The Most Of The Shortest Day Of The Year

Here are 6 tips to get you out of the house and running in the dark despite it being the shortest day of the year…

General Training
10 Things You Might Not Have Known About A Marathon

Here are ten facts about the 26.2mile event that you might not know!…

General Training
Running up that hill

If you focus on integrating hills into your running routine, you’ll be astonished at the benefits that come your way.

General Training
Why Does Speedwork Work?

Adding a little speedwork to your training will help you on your way to better times, at a range of distances from 5km all the way up to marathon!

General Training
Give cross training a go

Shaking up your exercise routine with cross training can do wonders for your running performance. And it has other benefits, too.

General Training
What To Eat Before A Run

When it comes to pre-run nutrition, your best bet is to play it safe. And by safe, we mean familiar.

General Training
Why Caffeine Can Be Good For Running

LET’S raise a mug to caffeine. For its all-round boosting ability and cheapness and the fact that even scientists say it works.

General Training
Six Ways To Spice Up Your Training

Here are six training tips that’ll have you feeling faster, stronger and more confident in no time. Best of all, they're free!

General Training
Fuel Up With Dark Chocolate

There are occasions when you can indulge an appetite for refined or sugar foods, like dark chocolate, white bread or jam.

General Training
5 Reasons To Make The Most Of The Lighter Nights

The clocks have gone forward, the nights will be lighter - here are five great reasons why you should feel inspired to dust off those trainers a…

General Training
5 Top Portsmouth Running Routes

Have a look at our top Portsmouth running routes, for some beautiful scenic runs around the coastal city.

Event Day Tips
Everything you need to know about your first half-marathon

First ever marathon? Here’s some words of advice, from the runners themselves.

General Training
Great Places To Run In And Around Newcastle

Whether you are a local or a runner who wants to explore the area before the Great North Run, Newcastle has plenty to offer.

General Training
Great Places To Run In And Around Glasgow

Summer is the perfect time to abandon the treadmill to run outdoors. It’s a great way to discover what your local area has to offer and, if you’…

General Training
How to Run with Your Dog

Running with your dog is mutually beneficial, meaning you both get fit at the same time.

General Training
Why Do Push Ups

Push ups are a great addition to your running training. Read on to learn why.

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