5 Ways To Stay Motivated On Blue Monday

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Blue Monday is upon us and it’s the time when the post-Christmas lull is at its deepest, you’re waiting for pay day, and getting out of bed in the morning for a run seems that little bit harder. It’s crunch time. 

You set yourself new goals a few weeks ago that are realistic for you. They fit in around your life and you’re not sacrificing the things you love to do to achieve your target. We’ve all made unrealistic resolutions over the years, and you often end up feeling worse than before if you fall off the wagon before February. So whether you’re aiming to complete your first ever 10k or tackle a full marathon, here’s some tips on how you can stay motivated throughout the year.

Set a goal

If you haven’t done this already. Keep it realistic. If you’ve never ran a step before, don’t expect to be running half marathons before the clocks go forward again. Similarly, if you’re a lapsed runner and you’re just getting back into it, chances are you won’t be back in the groove within a week. Set yourself a goal that you’d like to reach by the end of the year, whether it’s a 5k, 10k, half marathon, a target time, or a weight you’d like to lose. Write it down – use a diary if that works for you, and set small, attainable goals to reach in the short term. From there, you can build it up!

Buddy up

Everything’s more fun when you share the experience with someone else. And it’s also tougher to skip a run if you know you’re going to meet a friend to do it. If you don’t have any willing friends, look for local running groups, which are great for reaching a running goal but also excellent for meeting like-minded people.

Share it

Social media is a great way to stay motivated. Every run you go on and every goal you meet, share it on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – or all of them! You never know, you could inspire someone else to pick up their running shoes and make a positive change just like you have.

Treat yourself

The first beauty of running is its simplicity – all you need is a pair of trainers and you’re sorted. The second beauty of running is that you can buy lots of cool gear and there are plenty of shops that stock active wear at reasonable prices. Revamping your running wardrobe is a perfect motivator for going out for a run.

Enter an event

Entering an event is the perfect target for your training. It gives you something to aim for on the horizon, and gives you a reason to go out running when you really don’t want to. Check out our events and find your distance.

Visit the event page to find your 2019 running challenge. Be Your Greatest.

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