Beat the winter running blues

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We’ve just about had enough of dreary days.

We’re looking forward to drier weather – in fact, we’re even daring to dream of sunshine (err, what’s that again?) and digging out some shorts. But although there’s light at the end of the tunnel, we’re not quite there yet, and training can feel like a bit of a slog.

If you’ve been feeling defeated by the Great British winter weather lately, we totally understand. That’s why we’ve come up with some ways to beat the winter blues and get stuck into running rain, hail or shine.

  • Here goes…Find a training plan that suits you. It’s hard to argue with black and white, and it’s even harder if it’s stuck up somewhere where you have to look at it every day. Find a plan that suits and make it non-negotiable. Once it’s become a habit, you’ll be ticking off the runs and looking forward to the next one before you know it – we promise.
  • Get the right kit. The key to running in cold weather is layers – you can strip off as you warm up, which takes less time than you might think. Stay visible with reflective strips and make sure you can see where you’re going – it’s worth investing in a simple head torch to avoid stumbling in the dark and injuring yourself.
  • little help from your friends. We’re all about running together, particularly in the colder months when a solo run can feel a bit bleak. Training with a pal makes the miles pass quickly, and it’s harder to bail at the last minute when someone’s counting on you to turn up (psst – have you heard about our Team Challenge and Refer a Friend scheme? Great options for friends who run together). 
  • Sign up for a mini motivator. Committing to a short challenge can keep you running when the going gets tough. Book up for the Great North 10k in July, or the Great North 5k in September and start daydreaming about some summer sunshine in the not-so-distant future (fingers crossed).
  • Set yourself a virtual challenge. One of the positives to come out of the last two years was the launch of our Great Run Solo challenges: a series of virtual runs you can take part in wherever, whenever. Sign up from £10-£15, use our online tracking tool and support and receive your unique finisher medal when you’ve completed your challenge. More bling for your collection!

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