Tyney’s Terrific Running Tips

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Hi all, it’s Tyney the Tortoise here – perhaps you’ve seen me on social media? 

But in case you haven’t, let’s get the introductions out of the way – I’m a tortoise who loves to run.

That might sound a bit odd – after all, we tortoises aren’t well known for our running ability – but I’ll tell you what we *are* known for: our determination. And it’s determination that’s got me where I am today. 


People making fun of my unusual shell? I just tell them it’s my superpower – it’s what makes me special. People saying I’m too slow to be a runner? They’re wrong. I love running, and I’ve put lots of work in to get better and better – and *that’s* what counts.   

And you can do the same, too. Think of me as your own personal cheerleader – here to help you get the most out of running with my terrific tips. 

Ready to find out more? On your marks, get set, let’s go! 

Make sure you always warm up. Warming up helps your body get ready for the run ahead and makes injuries less likely. I’ll even let you in on my top secret warm up routine. It’s so easy – and here’s another top tip: it’s even better if you do it with your favourite song blasting. 

It has five easy steps: 

  • 1 minute walking 
  • 30 seconds side-skipping to the left, then 30 seconds side-skipping to the right 

  • 1 minute walking 
  • 1 minute skipping 
  • 1 minute walking 

Focus on minutes, not miles. If you’re starting out as a runner, this is one of my top tips – focus on running for longer, not running further. The distance will look after itself if you concentrate on staying out longer. 

Mix it up with run – walk – run. It’s not a problem if you need to mix up your running with some walking. In fact, it’s a really good training strategy that all of the pros – even my hero, Sir Brendan Foster – use to build up speed and stamina.  

Keep it fun and interesting. Choose different routes and different things to spot on the way. Can you spot a seagull, a horse, a red car, a traffic light? Or can you keep running until you’ve spotted every colour of the rainbow? 

And the ultimate way to make it fun? Work out a route that finishes at the park. You’re already warmed up for some play! 

Build in some games and sports. It doesn’t all have to be straight running. It’s amazing how much running is involved in playground games like tag, hide and seek or a treasure hunt. And sports like football and tennis can help build your running stamina, too.   

Be cool – and cool down. Cool downs are cool! They help your heart rate go back to normal and stretch all of those muscles you’ve been using out. Don’t be a fool – use my special cool down every time.  

All you need to do is: 

  • 1 minute walking with your hands on your head (it really helps you get your breath back) 
  • 30 seconds left quad stretch, then 30 seconds right quad stretch (stand one one leg and use your hand to pull your other heel up to your bottom) 
  • Reach up as high as you can and then back down to touch your toes for 1 minute 
  • Walk on your heels for 30 seconds 
  • Walk on your toes for 30 seconds
  • And then finally, shake everything out – I call this move The Shell Shake.

That’s it, people – now get out there and get running.  

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