Brave Isaac To Help Start Junior & Mini Great North Run

A young runner will fire the starting gun on the wave of the Junior Great North he was forced to pull out of due to being diagnosed with leukaemia.

Brave Isaac Fell, from Stamford in Lincolnshire, is a keen runner and has taken part in the Junior and Mini Great North Run on many occasions.

The 10-year-old, who is part of a running club, dreamed of placing high in his age group when the UK's most popular children's running event returns to the NewcastleGateshead Quayside on Saturday 10 September.

However Isaac's dreams were dashed when he was diagnosed with leukaemia in February after originally thinking the pain in his back was a pulled muscle.

Although Issac remained determined to continue running, his mum Liz conceded that the 4km course would be too much while he was undergoing treatment for chemotherapy.

Instead, he will set off the Junior Great North Run wave he was supposed to run in as honorary starter.

Liz, 39, said: “Since being diagnosed, Isaac has shown remarkable strength and courage making us extremely proud to be his parents.

“He is not only a joy to others in the clinic when we go for treatment but he is a constant inspiration to all who know him as they see how he takes everything in his stride.

“Isaac has continued to go to school and try to live life as normally as possible. He is not really able to run and has been last by a long way in recent events he has took part in, which is not something he is used to.

“He loves running so much that he says it outweighs his frustration of not being able to compete at the same level.

“It is sad that 4km is is just too far for him in his treatment but we are so happy that Isaac will be able to be involved in the event still.”

In December 2015, Isaac began to complain of a sore back, before he became ill in January and was admitted to hospital.

After many tests, he was diagnosed with leukemia and intensive chemotherapy treatment followed.

Due to the chemotherapy, which does not finish until the end of September, Isaac could not take part in the Junior Great North Run.

But he will cheer on his brother Noah in the Mini Great North Run before assisting with starter duties in the Junior Great North Run.

Liz added: “The Great North Run is a very special weekend for us as a family.

“I grew up standing on the streets of Newcastle and South Shields cheering my dad on and now have spent many years stood there cheering on my husband too.

“Isaac and Noah have grown up going each year to support and then began taking part in the Mini and Junior Great North Run so we are really happy that we can continue this even though Isaac is unwell.

“Since his diagnosis, we have also decided to fundraise for four cancer charities, who we will be supporting across the weekend.

To support the Fell family, visit their fundraising page.