Inspirational Dawn Steps Up Her Training For Manchester

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Inspirational runner Dawn Nisbet is taking on the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run as part of a team of students from Manchester Metropolitan University, who will form the Orange Army at Manchester’s greatest run on Sunday, 28 May.

Dawn hit the headlines late last year when a picture of her joyously celebrating during her 5k run went viral on social media.

Dawn will be joining University runners for the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run 10K this May and says she is “super excited” to be part of it and to help inspire people at the University who may doubt their ability to get into running.

As part of Dawn’s mission to inspire other non-runners, she joined one of the University’s regular jogging clubs where she was on hand to pass on her advice to some of those who will be lining up for the university team in May.

We’re celebrating all of the #RealRunners who take part in the Great Run series. Share your running tales and fails across our social media.

Why did you first start running?

I wanted to complete a 10k charity event to support my stepmum who had been diagnosed with cancer

Tell us a funny running story

I was running in the dark one evening and a group of young lads walked past and threw a half-eaten Mars bar at me – what a waste!

What is your favourite, can’t go without piece of kit?

A super huge reinforced iron sports bra.

What is your favourite music to listen to when running?

Definitely anything 80s or Stock Aitken & Waterman – the more embarrassing to my teenage daughter the better.  There is often singing when I run, and with headphones it’s not a good sound.

Where do you train, how often?

I love running in Daisy Nook near Ashton under Lyne.  I also run along the canal in Manchester city centre in my lunch break if I’m in work

Do you ever have any running nightmares?

Due to losing weight from running, my undies and leggings started to fall down just after setting off on a run with plenty of people around.  Cue an apology to those who could see and a very unladylike hoisting session.  Since then I prefer to run in leggings with a tie waist

What do you eat before and after running?

If it’s first thing in the morning, generally a banana, but in the evening I just eat normally but allow a minimum 30 minute gap before setting off

What is your main goal?

I want to cover 1000km in 2017.  And 10km is my definite limit – I have no desire to do more than that.

What do you love about running?

I love the brain space it gives me from a relatively busy life.  I love the sense of achievement I get when I am out there and running.  I love it makes me feel healthier.

What do you hate about running?

Getting sweaty hair – that’s a really girly thing to say I know, but I have long hair and it’s a pain to wash and dry.  I hate when I have a bad run and feel I can’t do it.  I hate when I get sore legs. I hate that I’m a slow runner.

Would you say you’re an athlete?

No – definitely not.  I would describe myself as a pootler.

What has been your biggest running fail?

At one event, we had to do obstacles in mud, with buckets of mud being thrown at us.  You had to do a course on an adult sized space hopper. By the time I got on they were very muddy and wet, I was laughing so hard I fell off, in the mud and looked up to see one of our group filming it all on their camera.

How many pairs of trainers do you own?

Only two – and I love them – I go into mourning when I have to get rid of a pair when they are close to falling apart and hate having to shop for new ones – totally the opposite to how I feel about buying any other pair of shoes.

How does running make you feel?

It makes me feel like I am achieving something and I feel proud

Who is your running idol or main inspiration?

My eight-year-old daughter inspires me every day.  She reminds me of the person I used to be, fearless, scared of nothing and excited to try new things and meet new people – we lose that as an adult and I’m fighting to find those qualities in me again.