Nicola’s Ready For Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run

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To join Nicola on the start line on Sunday, 20 May, enter now at

This May, tens of thousands of runners will take on the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run – some will run for charity, some will run for themselves, some will run for a loved one. But everyone has a story to tell.

Nicola Aldcroft is one of the 30,000 taking part in the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run 10K, which also features a half marathon in the city centre of Manchester. The 51-year-old from Stockport is running to raise money for Dementia UK, who provide help and support for the family following her mum’s dementia diagnosis six years ago.

She said: “I wanted to keep her at home and care for her in her own home. It’s three or four visits a day. I visit her in the morning before work to get her breakfast, a lunchtime visit for her lunch and anything else she needs doing, and an evening visit at least once or twice to give her tea and settle her down for the evening.”

Nicola uses running to take her mind off things and to provide herself with a personal challenge, and is looking forward to lining up on the start line on Sunday, 20 May.

She said: “I chose a running event because it was something a little out of my comfort zone. Really now since I’ve started doing it I’m afraid I have become a bit of a training bore, a running bore. My children are sick of me talking about it all the time.

“Mentally it has given me that break from everything that is going on outside, especially with the way my mum is. Sometimes I go to the gym as soon as I’ve seen her in the evening and it does lift me out of myself a bit.

“It’s such a special event in Manchester. It’s the pride and the passion of the people. They come out and they give their support 100%, they’re totally enthusiastic. I really can’t wait to be out there with everybody cheering us on.”

To join Nicola on the start line, enter now at