Remembering Gavin: Andy’s 10km Tribute for Men’s Mental Health

In a poignant tribute to his late friend Gavin Thomas, Andy McMinigal is preparing to participate in this year’s AJ Bell Great Scottish 10km run, in support of Glasgow based charity, MEN MATTER SCOTLAND.  

On the 11th of February this year, Andy’s best friend Gavin took his own life just 6 days short of his 55th birthday.  With a friendship dating back to childhood, Gavin’s battle with mental health had been hidden beneath his laughter and life and soul of the party personality.

After Gavin passed away his family contacted MEN MATTER SCOTLAND. The charity’s impact on Gavin’s family has been profound, offering them support during their difficult journey. The family have come to realise that had Gavin known about this charity they may have been able to help and ultimately save his life.

MEN MATTER SCOTLAND addresses the mental health challenges faced by men that all too often aren’t talked about and to prevent suicide. The organisation provides assistance, information, and a safe space for men to share their experiences.

For Andy, running this 10km race isn’t just about personal achievement—it’s about making a difference. He aims to raise funds that will contribute to vital resources for the charity, such as improving facilities and providing meals.

Through each step of the 10km race, Andy runs not just for himself, but to honour his friend’s memory and contribute to the betterment of men’s mental health awareness.