Sisters Dress as Boobs for Breast Cancer Charities at The Great Bristol Run

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On 25 September, Steph Palmer and her sister Sarah will run the Great Bristol 10k dressed as big boobs to raise money and awareness for breast cancer charities CoppaFeel and Make 2nds Count.

Steph lost one of her close friends, Hatti, to breast cancer in September last year and the run will take place between the first anniversary of her passing on 17 September and what would have been her 31st birthday on 29 September.

“It will be a poignant time to remember and honour Hatti, while raising money and awareness for two charities that meant a lot to her.”

Steph, who is based in Bristol, first met Hatti in 2016 through her work as a professional singer and dancer.

“Hatti and I were working in Turkey with Tui Hotels and quickly became close friends.

“She was super bubbly, optimistic and super fit and healthy, being a dancer. She didn’t have any family history of breast cancer either, so it was a real shock when she was diagnosed in August 2020. We really want to raise awareness about the importance of checking yourself and to raise money for research.”

Before she passed away, Hatti was doing as much as she could to support CoppaFeel, the charity that campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of checking for signs of breast cancer – and how to do it.

Hatti had secondary breast cancer and was also keen to support Make 2nds Count, which raises awareness and funds medical research that will contribute to advancing an increased quality of life for patients with the disease.

CoppaFeel have provided Steph and Sarah with their boob costumes, plus they’ll be wearing vests provided by Make 2nds Count, which will be visible on their backs.

“Hatti did a lot to support others with breast cancer, including videos with tips on how to get through chemotherapy and surgery and how to stay active. We’re motivated to do this because she was so inspiring and so great.

“She died just before she would have reached her 30th birthday and, in the year of my own 30th, it feels right to do something for her that’s big and worthwhile and helps other people.”

Steph and Sarah will train wearing their boob costumes before the race, to get used to carrying the bulk.

“While I like to stay fit, I don’t do much running and nor does Sarah. I’ve never done a 10k before and, while Sarah has, it was about 10 years ago, so this feels quite daunting – especially when dressed as giant boobs! It will be a great achievement for both of us and it’s a celebration of Hatti’s life.

“Seeing us in our costumes will make sense when we’re doing the race itself, but when we’re running around the Harbourside dressed as giant boobs during our training I’m sure we’ll be raising a few eyebrows!”

Steph is already thinking about future races to raise further awareness and funds in Hatti’s memory, including support for Bristol-based charity, Penny Brohn, which works to help people to live well with cancer.

For the Great Bristol Run 10k, Steph and Sarah’s target is to raise £2,000 – split equally between CoppaFeel and Make 2nds Count. To donate, visit:

The Great Bristol 10k starts in the city centre and takes runners past the vibrant waterfront, before crossing on to Spike Island, through Wapping Wharf and looping round the beautiful Queen Square at the half-way point. Runners then cross over into Redcliffe before rounding the historical Castle Park on a final section through Old City, before the grandstand finish on Anchor Road.

The Half Marathon route takes runners past the vibrant waterfront and out along the beautiful and peaceful Avon Gorge passing under the world famous Clifton Suspension Bridge, before joining the 10k route at Spike Island.

Entries for the Great Bristol Run 10k, Half Marathon and Family Mile which take place on Sunday 25 September are now open here.