Stephanie Set To Run After Two Life-Saving Surgeries

Stephanie Deeks will take part in the Simplyhealth Great East Run after recovering from months spent in hospital.

A mother of seven from Gorleston-On-Sea is determined to finish the Simplyhealth Great East Run after going through complicated surgeries that managed to save her life.

Stephanie struggled to walk down her driveway following a very complicated hysterectomy in July 2015 that was required after doctors discovered a mass. 

She started bleeding uncontrollably during the surgery and doctors worked very hard to keep her alive. She was discharged but the doctors hadn't realised she was bleeding internally. She was rushed back to hospital where she had an emergency blood transfusion.

Stephanie was kept in the hospital for four weeks, dealing with serious issues and infection.

Unfortunately, three days after being discharged she had to rush back to the hospital again due to horrible pain and difficulty breathing. Scans showed that she had multiple blood clots in upper & lower lobes of both lungs and was kept in for another two and a half weeks.

Luckily, she made a recovery but is on life-long blood thinners and still suffers from breathing difficulties when it gets cold.

The first two years after her health problems were very hard. She couldn't walk long distances and put on a lot of weight. Luckily, she discovered running that helped her to recover both physically and mentally.

Now she is set to take part in the Simplyhealth Great East Run on Sunday 16 September.

Stephanie, 42, said: “My husband was informed if I'd gone to bed like I wanted to, I wouldn't have woken up in the morning.

“My family really struggled whilst I was poorly as my husband had just started a new job and after I'd been admitted he had to go away, so my father came over from Spain to help and a very close friend moved in to look after the children.

“I felt terrible during my recovery as I'd missed the kids summer holidays and because I couldn't do anything.  I couldn't lift anything and couldn't take a deep breath without pain.  I just wanted to be me again and be a healthy mum to my children.

“What motivated me to start running was that after my troubles I couldn't even walk down my driveway and I vowed that I would fight and improve. I wasn't in a happy place.

“Things needed to change so on the anniversary of my surgery I took part in my first organised run.  It was more walking than running and 3 miles seemed to go on forever but I did it, I enjoyed it and that changed my life.

“I've now got my time down to 26 minutes and no walking. I know to many that still isn't fast but to me it's amazing. 

“Running makes me feel alive and helps me move on from everything that happened.”

The Simplyhealth Great East Run is a sold-out event where runners can take on a 13.1 mile challenge course across a scenic course that starts and finishes in Ipswich town centre.

The course starts and finishes on Russell Road and takes runners through many beautiful landmarks such as Holywells Park, Ipswich waterfront, Orwell Bridge and Ipswich Town FC's Portman Road stadium.

For more information about the Simplyhealth Great East Run, visit: