Things you only see at the Great Scottish Run

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The Great Scottish Run – Sunday 2 October 2022

We can’t wait to welcome you back to an inclusive celebration of Scottish running at the Great Scottish Run on Sunday 2 October 2022.

As usual, you can expect an amazing atmosphere, with thousands of runners charging from the heart of the city to finish in Glasgow Green. There will be a mix of locals, regular runners, celebrated athletes and first-time runners, and you’ll all be able to enjoy the fantastic sights of our fantastic Scottish route. Here’s a list of things you can only see at The Great Scottish Run!

Climbing to the top

As thousands of excited runners gather in George Square, warming up, preparing for the race ahead, those Great Scottish Run first-timers will be surprised with an staggering view. The race takes off with a uphill climb, from George Square up St Vincent Street. We won’t sugar coat it, it’s a challenging start to your run, but the fantastic sight of thousands of runners dressed in bright colours, smiling and full of energy, pounding up the hill makes it all worth it (and reminds you you’re certainly not alone!).

Squinty Bridge

The Great Scottish Run crosses over the River Clyde, along the iconic Squinty Bridge. This famous bridge was built in 2006 and was affectionately deemed Squinty Bridge by Glasgow locals due it’s unusual angle which led to notorious teething problems. Originally (and technically) Clyde Arc, the name Squinty Bridge has stuck and runners can enjoy ticking off this Glasgow landmark along the route!

The Finnieston Crane

The route also passes The Finnieston Crane, a symbol of Glasgow’s proud engineering heritage and history of shipbuilding. The disused giant cantilever crane is located in the heart of Glasgow city centre and is a relic of the age when Glasgow was one of the most important industrial cities in the world. Runners can take in the sights of this renowned landmark on the banks of the River Clyde as they pound through their seventh mile.

Glasgow murals

Glasgow is renowned for it’s fantastic street art and murals. There’s even a mural trail you can follow to track them all down ( )The Great Scottish Run passes The Clutha, a mural featured on the wall of the bar paying homage to the famous faces associated with the venue. So you can take in the amazing display of art work whilst running through the streets of Glasgow!

Fancy dress galore

You can always expect to see some unique costumes at the Great Scottish Run. We love looking through photos of runners to see what fantastic fancy dress outfits they wear on the route each year. Last year we loved seeing the Christmas themed outfits celebrating the festive season (arguably slightly early) through the Glasgow city centre. If you’re a spectator this year, keep your eyes peeled and pick out your favourite fancy dress costume.

Also, make sure to share photos of your inventive costumes this year with the #GreatScottishRun. We can’t wait to see what runner’s have prepared for the 2022 Great Scottish Run.

The final arch

Runner’s know they’re about the take on the final stretch of the run and cross the finish line when they pass through the iconic McLennan Arch. Originally part of the Assembly Rooms in the 1790s, the arch has been moved around the city, finally placed at Glasgow Green in 1922 where it lives as a symbol of the last few metres of the Great Scottish Run.

We can’t wait to see all the runners and spectators at the Great Scottish Run on Sunday 2 October 2022. Keep your eyes peeled to spot these sights along the way and share any photos you capture on the day using #GreatScottishRun.

For more information on the event visit here.