Top Running Tips For Complete Beginners

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Totally new to running? Not sure where to start? We’re here to help the thought of running feel less daunting. 

How to start?

Start off by getting yourself a decent pair of trainers and some breathable running clothes. You don’t need to break the bank, but you shouldn’t be running in your everyday trainers and heavy joggers!

Then it’s about taking it one mile or kilometre at a time.

Don’t overdo it

Start off by running for a steady 20 minutes or so then once you feel comfortable running for that amount of time, just increase it ever so slightly. The number of days you run is up to you, but you don’t need to run everyday of the week – three times is ideal. And make sure you give yourself time to rest in between each one.

Find a running buddy or group

Running is always better together, so grab your friend or partner and try running with them. Jogging at a comfortable speed usually means you can have a chit chat along the way too. If you don’t have anyone to run with, you an always sign up to the FREE Great Run Local sessions that take place around the country.

Walking is exercise too!

Don’t worry if you can’t run continuously when you first start. It’s ok to take short walking breaks as you build up your cardio fitness. If you’ve got a running playlist on, try jogging for one song and walking for the next.

Keep a training log

You don’t need the latest running tech to keep up to date with how far you’re running. Just make sure you log the time you’re out running each time in your diary. You can always download a free running app, which tracks your distance when you head out too.

Reward yourself

Set yourself small, achievable goals to begin with so you can reward yourself each time you reach them. For example, running continuously for 30 minutes, then head to the shops or stuff your face with your favourite treat. All in moderation of course.

You are a runner

If you’re struggling to motivate yourself, just remember fitness doesn’t happen overnight and will take time. You will start to see small improvements as you keep moving so don’t despair. You are a runner. And you can run.

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