Twins Take On Mini Manchester Run For 100K Challenge

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To enter the Simplyhealth Junior and Mini Great Manchester Run, visit:

Two siblings have set themselves a 100km running challnge to raise funds for their local children’s ward, which includes the Simplyhealth Junior and Mini Great Manchester Run.

Ruben and Elena Evans, from Warrington have embarked on a running challenge of 100km across 2018 to raise money for the Warrington and Halton Hospital Charity – Making Waves Appeal.

The campaign aims to raise £100,000 to build a new outside aquatic-themed play area for the Children’s Ward at Warrington Hospital.

The twins originally took up running last November as a way of managing their ADHD, which and enjoyed it so much that they wanted to turn it into something positive for others.

One of the major events the six-year-olds will tackle is the Simplyhealth Junior and Mini Great Manchester Run on Sunday 20 May, which features over 1,000 children in the city centre.

The family decided that the children would each run 100km across this year in running events, in the hope of raising a generous donation towards the hospital’s appeal.

Dad Mark, 43, said: “The children are very hyperactive and so initially we started running to help manage their ADHD.

“They enjoyed it so much that it became pretty much a weekly thing for the whole family where we would go out and take on organised runs together.

“It spiralled from there so we thought it would be great to do something extra special by fundraising for a local charity. There we decided to mark out 100km of running events across the UK and beyond in 2018, including the Simplyhealth Junior and Mini Great Manchester Run.

“Their project, Runng 4 Dr Ozzy, has really captured the imagination in the town, as the running challenge is really about kids helping kids which has a very special feeling.

“You always hope that your children would never need to be in hospital but by doing this, we are looking after our own kids in a way.

“We chose Making Waves because it’s such a fantastic cause and we know it will mean a lot to the children who stay on the ward to have a place where they can relax and play outside all year round. As currently there is only a limited outside space which cannot be used in the Winter.

“We want to appeal to the running community to support Ruben and Elena as if we are fortunate enough raise a few hundred pounds, which is our hope, then the ward will receive a good donation.

“I think it’s really important to give young children confidence and running has really helped Ruben and Elena. Doing something like this with a meaning behind them has also helped them learn about the importance of helping other children who are not so fortunate in life.”

The Simplyhealth Junior and Mini Great Manchester Run is part of the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run weekend, where participants can experience a running event like no other on the streets of the undisputed capital of the North.

Mark added: “The Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run is a prestigious run and famous weekend and it’s something that we have always wanted to be a part of so when we thought of this challenge, we made sure we could fit it in this year.”

To support Ruben and Elena’s fundraising, click here.

To enter the Simplyhealth Junior and Mini Great Manchester Run, visit: