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Bristol-based fitness blogger, Rachael Power, shares her tips on how to get run-ready for the Great Bristol 10K.

The distance of 10K - or 6.2 miles - can seem pretty daunting to those who have never run it before. Prior to becoming a runner, I thought it impossible to continuously keep plodding along for at least an hour; but I’ve happily completed it many times over the last three years.

The Great Bristol 10K is a great goal to set yourself, with a mostly flat course and an amazing atmosphere on the day to boot. Even if you’ve not started training, three months from now is still plenty of time to get up to speed.

Write it down
As with any goal, it’s good to have it written down somewhere visible. Jot it down on your kitchen calendar, set a reminder on your phone or pop a sticky note on your work computer. Whether you’re running for charity or setting yourself a goal time to work towards, always keep in mind your reason to run. It’ll help you through those training runs when you’re flagging and need a boost. 

Be realistic
Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a newbie just starting out, be realistic with your projected run time.

Not sure where to start? There are training guides for all fitness levels on the Great Bristol 10K section of our website to help give your training sessions some structure. 

Get the gear 
You’re going to be training a few times a week, so make sure your kit will see you through the miles.

Bristol has great specialist running stores, and with a distance like 10k, it’s worth getting fitted for a proper pair of trainers to reduce the risk of injury and help you perform at your best.  

Check out Up and RunningRunners’ Need and Easy Runner for specialist advice and gear.

Keep an eye out for Bristol 10K: How to get started - Part 2, coming soon.