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A guide to the beautiful Great South Run course around scenic Portsmouth and Southsea, with not a hill in sight!

Join 25,000 runners across a packed weekend of sport on 22 and 23 October. 


The first mile: 

And you're off! The run heads along the south of England’s coastline with views of the Isle of Wight to the left and Spinnaker Tower ahead.

You’ll pass the Portsmouth War Memorial. As you come to the 1-mile mark you enter historic Old Portsmouth where Portsmouth Cathedral is bound to catch your eye on your left.

1 to 2 miles:

Take in the stunning architecture of historic Old Portsmouth as you run along St Georges Road, then enjoy the sounds of the Rose & Thistle Pipe Band and the sight of the Spinnaker Tower soaring 170 metres above as the route continues onto Ordnance Row.

When entering Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard you’ll past the hull of the Mary Rose within the museum and the Royal Navy’s most famous warship, HMS Victory.

2 to 3 miles:

The course then gives you a rare chance to set foot in the Naval Dockyard so enjoy this section as you’re one of the 25,000 Great Runners with permission granted to run past the Royal Navy’s current naval ships.

Once you have exited the Dockyards, continue along Cross Street and then onto Queen Street where you pass the impressive looking main gate to HMS Nelson naval base and turn right in front of St John’s Cathedral onto Anglesea Road.

3 to 4 miles:

Make your way down Anglesea Road past Victoria Park and onto Winston Churchill Avenue.

Need a drink? Here’s your chance to grab a bottle of Aqua Pura from the first drinks station – the next one is two miles away.

4 to 5 miles:

As you reach the turnaround point on Winston Churchill Avenue, feel spurred on by music from Old Thumper Dixie, who will keep you going.

The end of Winston Churchill Avenue then takes you on to Hampshire Terrace. When you cross the roundabout onto Kings Terrace this is a well-deserved chance to “Whoop!” as you have hit the half way point!

5 to 6 miles:

Continue along Kings Terrace and take a left into Southsea Terrace. Just before Southsea Terrace bends to the right and becomes Western Parade, look left at the Mayfair Chinese restaurant.

In 1925, the actor and comedian Peter Sellers was born here. Hum the Pink Panther theme tune to yourself for a few hundred metres until you pass The Queen’s Hotel which was gutted in 1891 by a disastrous fatal fire and rebuilt 12 years later.

Here you can pick up a bottle of Lucozade Sport from the drinks station. A little further on Sounds of Steel will entertain you as you run along the top end of Avenue de Caen, with your supporters cheering you on as you pass.

6 to 7 miles:

You are now entering the eastern loop of the course. As you run along Clarence Parade with the common on your right and get closer to South Parade Pier, as you pass along St Helens Parade the beat of the Batala Drums will help you keep your pace.

Continue past the north side of Canoe Lake and onto Eastern Parade where your final chance to take on some hydration is offered by Aqua Pura at the last drinks station on the course before you head onto St George’s Road.

7 to 8 miles:

The stretch along Cromwell Street and onto Henderson Road is the most easterly section of the Great South Run course, where residents have traditionally come out of their houses in force to cheer you on!

8 to 9 miles:

As you hit the 8-mile mark you start the turn back onto the seafront but be careful as, whilst it’s the final straight, you should pace yourself since it’s still a fair way, (especially if there is the traditional Great South Run westerly wind!)

Running along Esplanade you pass the Royal Marines Museum with the famous Yomper Statue on your right. Here you will find Wave 105 Wall of Sound providing encouragement and motivation.

9 miles and into the Finish:

It’s the last mile now with four final landmarks to count down as you run past them. As Esplanade becomes South Parade Pier and you run past the south side of Canoe Lake, you see South Parade Pier on your left and can hear those welcoming cheers from the splendid ladies and gents on the Cancer Research UK Charity Bus.

To take your mind off the final few hundred metres before your public await you with applause, glance to your left to take in the fantastic views across the Solent to the Isle of Wight and ‘Palmerston Forts’, the 19th century island built by Lord Palmerston in 1860.

Shift your glance back ahead, the finish line is in sight!

Enter the Great South Run, the Great South Run 5k and the Junior and Mini Great South Run at: Greatrun.org/south