Daryn Dodge, 56, moved to St Breward in Cornwall three years ago from East Anglia, where his three daughters and four grandchildren reside, and he lives with his partner Susan and their two dogs, a retriever called Bella and a springer spaniel called Molly. 

In his mid-40s at the time and heading for the 18-stone marker on the scales, the doctor delivered a life-changing diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. After coming to terms with the fact he was a UFO (Unfit, Fat and Old), Daryn took on the biggest challenge of his life by signing up for the world-famous Great North Run, which he admits was mainly to try and become a hero in the eyes of the new woman in his life!

Despite a shaky start under the gaze of judgemental deer in Thetford Forest, Daryn soon found himself embracing his new active lifestyle. In this laugh-out-loud memoir, he recounts the trials and tribulations of training as well as what happened on the day of the run itself.

He runs his own business consultancy firm and is also involved in public speaking. This includes giving talks at Diabetes UK conferences and events. The latter is where he started to tell his Road To Hell story. 

Daryn says: “I gave my Road to Hell talk at several clubs in East Anglia and after I moved to Cornwall I delivered a longer version of it. This was to help two local lads who were fundraising for St Luke’s Hospice in Plymouth. It was meant to take up the first half of a comedy evening but the other guy pulled out and I was asked if I could do both halves. Consequently, I ended up giving a two-hour performance. It went so well that I decided to put my story down on paper. I never intended to become an author and have thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I like to think that there are other books in me, but one step at a time!”

The book launched on 29th August 2017 at a charity event for CHICKS, which provides free respite breaks for disadvantaged children from across the UK, raising £1,100 for the charity. 

The Road to Hell via the A149 is available to buy via Amazon as an ebook and paperback. 

“Funny and emotive all at the same time, thoroughly enjoyable.”

“A great book to pick up if you’re thinking I can’t do that.”

“What a fabulous and inspiring story of the author facing up to the challenges life throws at him with good humour and gusto.”

“This was a funny and inspirational read. Could not put it down.”

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