From Stephen Morrison (@HowManyMiles_)
Being injured has given me a chance to plan and to reflect – to think about why I run. When I embarked on my weight loss journey, I had to discover my 'why'. 
What would fuel me when I needed energy; what would keep driving me forward when I felt like giving up, and what prize would be sufficient to make me hungry for success, as opposed to sugary sweets.
As a runner, I find myself (and others) asking those questions again and again.
Why would I get up at ungodly hours to run, often in the dark and the rain when my bed is so comfortable (and dry)? Why would I spend fortunes on kit, entries, accommodation and travel when I could run around my local park for free? And why does the allure of shiny race medals seem like such an addiction?
Why do I insist on running to work, when there's an adequately good bus service? Why am I always looking at my watch (it’s not just a watch, I tell them) and why, when everyone tells me that distance running isn’t the best form of exercise, do I continue to go out every weekend and run double digit miles?
What is it about running that makes me happy, makes me feel good and what is that makes me want to get up really early, go out in the rain and run till my lungs burst?
As you can see, for me, there are a few 'whys'.
As a child I couldn't walk due to a disability while as an adult I couldn't run due to being morbidly obese with several obesity related conditions…one being inertia. So now that I can run, I run and I love it.
I don't just run for myself. I also run for Yorkhill Children's Charity, who helped me walk again and I run for all the other morbidly obese and inactive, who maybe want to run, but don’t think they'll ever be able to. I want to say thank you and I want to say you can.
so, when I wake up and it's raining and when I'm running and it’s mile 12 (it’s usually always mile 12), when my legs are hurting, my lungs are bursting, my spirit is ebbing and I feel like falling down, it’s my 'whys' that pick me up, that give me that extra surge of strength, both physical and mental, and that push me towards the finish line. 
What are your 'whys'?