If you’re thinking of taking on your next run in the city of Manchester, we’re here to tell you all the awesome things you can expect on the day of Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run. 

That Mancunian spirit is ingrained in everything you see, hear and feel on the day. So from the music, the people and the colour, here’s what it’s like to run the Mancunian Way (literally.)

Fancy Dress

The most popular get up for the event is of course, the Manchester bee. Whether people are running in a full mascot outfit, or have little wings to help them along, you’ll not find it hard to spot them buzzing around. 

The Stadiums 

If you’re a City or United fan, you’re in for treat as the half marathon route passes both world-famous stadiums, so you can get up close and personal for that mid-run selfie. We’re sure you’ll see many footy fans donning their club shirts for the run too. 

Mancunian Way

The sight of thousands of runners heading over a motorway might not excite you but knowing this busy main road in Manchester gets closed just for you on event day makes you feel like a VIP. The route takes you out and back along this stretch and is a sight to behold – especially to the traffic controllers sat watching you all on camera. So, soak it up and when you next drive down it, you can relive that amazing feeling of taking part.

Stars of the streets

Many of the Coronation Street cast are regulars at Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run with lots of them running for local charities like Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital. It seems fitting for them to be involved, especially when you get chance to run past the ‘Corrie Cobbles’ where the show is filmed. So if you’re a soap fan, you’d be mad to miss out.


It’s hard not to find someone wearing a charity tee at our events, but in Manchester the runners really care about their fundraising. Runners represent their charities by wearing t-shirts and vests to help promote the cause. And as for charities supporting their runners, you’ll see seven charity cheering buses along the course, with balloons, booming music, sweets, banners and the loudest supporters you can find. Charities bring the colour and feel-good vibe to Manchester. Did you know an estimated £8 million was raised for charity at GMR in 2018?


Witty or not, you’ll see kids holding up a banner made just for Mum the night before, or perhaps a local who’s there to tell you ‘It’s nearly over!’ when you’re only one mile in! Or our personal favourite ‘Tap here to power up.’ As for the rest, some of them are too rude to mention here. ;)

Crowds cheering your name

Now that we’ve made your name as big as your number on your running bib, it’s easy for people to spot you in the crowd and give you that all important push you need.

Beats, beats and more beats.

Whether you’ve got that party vibe at the start line during the warm up tunes or you’re dancing out on course, there are bands all along the route to keep you moving and motivated. So ditch the headphones, because we don’t think you’ll need them.

Boon Army

Amongst the bands on the run will be DJ and musician, Clint Boon. He will be banging out the tunes from his own DJ booth on the 10k course - you'll pass him twice at 2k and 7k so you get a double hit of tunes. He’s responsible for giving you that mid-run boost and you can guarantee he’ll have the best Madchester tunes on his playlist.

Love and Pride

When you arrive at the start line of the Simplyhealth Great Manchester Run, you’ll get an overwhelming sense of pride and love. The city really comes together for this huge day of running. Standing shoulder to shoulder with a complete stranger and iconic Manchester anthems to get you going for your challenge. What’s more seeing the thousands of spectators line the streets on a Sunday morning to give you a true Mancunian send off – it’s just what you need to get you in the mood for your challenge ahead.

Community Spirit 

Something we wish we could bottle and show off, is the atmosphere. Manchester is a city that comes out in force on event day and is there to support you every step of the way (wherever they physically can!) From locals packing out the pubs and businesses on the course, to the kids holding up signs to cheer on loved ones, you’ll feel like you’ve been carried by them the whole way.


When you reach that home straight, the crowds will be there to scream and cheer you on over those final metres. Our finish line is one of the loudest places to be on event day, and if you spot your loved one in the crowd, we’re pretty sure you’ll need a tissue or two to dry those eyes once you cross the finish line. You’ve done it! Smashed your goals, achieved greatness and now you’re ready to celebrate in true Manc style - get us a pint in too! 

Raring to go? Join us in Manchester on Sunday 19 May 2019.