As January rolls on and Blue Monday arrives, you might be searching for motivation. Blue Monday is said to be the most depressing day of the year and the day when the majority of people start to give up on their new year’s resolution, but you don’t have to fall for that, here are some tips to help keep you motivated this month and all year long: 


To help keep you motivated through the dark, cash strapped days of January, and to make 2020 your best year yet, why not set a goal and sign up for an event?


Feel your best on gloomy days with an endorphins release. The dark and gloomy January weather can make it hard to want to exercise but don’t wait – how you start your week will set the tone for the rest of the week so put your running shoes on and remain focused on your goals.


Follow a training plan to stay accountable.  Running training plans will help you to stay on track by breaking down your training into small and achievable goals so if you’ve taken a break from running you can choose a beginner plan, a run-walk plan, or if you’re chasing a PB - the improver plan can help you to beat a previous time. So, don’t let Blue Monday be the reason why you abandon your new year’s resolutions and go for a run. 


Get out for some fresh air while saving money. Most of us are recovering from an expensive holiday period, and so social plans may be a little light this month. If you’d still like to see a friend or get out with a group, make a plan to meet for a run, head to your nearest Great Run Local event, and you’ll still be socialising while keeping your spending low. 


Feel proud of your efforts – when others have given up and you’re carrying on focused on your 2020 goal, you will feel proud that you stuck to your resolution and overcame doubt and got those training sessions in.  Despite how tricky it can sometimes be to get your running shoes on there are very few days when anyone says I regret doing that run, as running for a short time is certainly better than staying home on the sofa. Your health and wellbeing are going to continue to be of top importance in 2020 due to how you started your year, and you deserve to feel proud of yourself. 
Find your Great Run event and if you want to get started with some training straight away, the Great Bristol 10k is just 16 weeks away so make sure to take a look at our 16-week training plan