We all know the winter training struggle can be very real. When the house is warm and fire is roaring, the last thing you can feel like doing is lacing up and braving the cold. But if you keep moving through the winter months, you can reap the benefits. So, to keep things interesting, and help you keep active, check out our tips – and tweet us @Great_Run with yours too! 

Shake up the route

A fan of sticking to the same routine? Shake up your usual running routes to keep things fresh. It could be something as simple as turning left instead of right outside of your front door, or driving to run with a friend somewhere new. 


Lunchtime Laps 

One of the main factors which can stop us being as active in winter is those long, dark nights, when let’s face, after a day at work, all we want to do is curl up in the house. So now you’re thinking – well how do I fit in that training session? Getting your exercise in during your lunch break can be one of the best ways to keep activity levels up and get a welcome dose of wintertime vitamin D. A lunchtime run can also help you break up your day and lead to a more productive afternoon.


Get your friends involved

Getting your pals to train with you can keep spirits up during the colder season, and running together will make training feel less like hard work and more fun than anything. Plus, it's harder to cancel a run if you don't want to let your training buddy down.


It’s quality time with yourself

WIth the festive season been and gone, you'll be feeling that January lul. Make sure you get your training sessions in by scheduling them in your diary and sticking to them otherwise they might pass you by.