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Important notice: Please make sure to observe social distancing of at least 2 metres/6ft between yourself and others when outside.  By following this advice, we can all do our part to stay healthy and protect those who are more vulnerable at this time. Where it is safe, we encourage you to still get outside and stay active and continue to support other runners in any “virtual” way you can. Please stay aware though; protect yourselves and others and follow the advice given by the NHS and Public Health England

Start a Training Diary

By keeping a track of your training activity, you can monitor your progression and identify what works for you. The best way to do this is with a Training Diary and this site offers you an easy to use online version which shows you at a glance all your activity that month, both plan sessions as well as off plan. it also enables you to record your feedback for each session as well as particular routes you ran.

Plan your Training

By following a set training plan, it will ensure that you progress at a realistic pace whilst building your endurance and your confidence. You are more likely to achieve your target if you have followed an expert plan rather than sporadic training sessions.

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Each plan is specifically tailored to your needs and abilities – as well as your general level of fitness and running experience. They use the very latest technologies to constantly adapt to your needs; simply supply your feedback and the plan will automatically adjust and update.

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Great Run Solo virtual running challenges are designed to keep you moving, push you further, and to help you train for your next Great Run event.
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