General Training Tips & Advice

We’ve got hundreds of articles filled with our best tips on everything from training schedules, motivation, nutrition, footwear and breathing techniques, to crafting your best running playlist and best practices for before, during and after your run.

General Training

General Training
How Can I Run Further? Adding in the Miles to get from 5K to a Half-Marathon and Beyond

Running further and increasing your distances can be difficult, but it is possible. Read on for our helpful tips on how to run for longer.

Event Day Tips
10 Ways To Smash Your Fundraising Target

These simple tips can help you to get your fundraising off the ground and have lots of fun while preparing for your challenge at the Simplyhealt…

General Training
Improve Your Running Technique

Anyone can put one foot in front of the other, but to run with good technique or 'form' takes a little skill and practice.

General Training
Your Daily Routine to Become a Better Runner

Read on to discover five exercises which will slot easily into your daily life while making a massive difference to your running performance.

General Training
Running Is Great For Kids – Here’s Why

We all know about the health benefits of running for adults, and Kids are no different. Let’s dig into why running is so good for youngsters.

General Training
Running Rain or Shine

Snow, rain or sunshine, make sure you are ready for whatever conditions are thrown at you on your big day, advises PROFESSOR JOHN BREWER…

General Training
Bristol Running Routes By Bristol Runners

The true beauty of running in a city as amazing as Bristol is that it gives you the best excuse possible to get outside your door and explore th…

General Training
Top Tips For Safe Summer Running

Running in the heat can be tricky – there’s a few more things to think about, but here’s some of our top tips for safe summer running.

General Training
Plan Your Ultimate Training Diet

Fuelling your body to train well on a daily basis is essential.

Event Day Tips
Tips For Event Day Success

Here are our top tips for before, during, and after event day to make sure it is a success…

Event Day Tips
Last Minute Tips for a Great Run

The countdown has begun and the excitement is starting to build – and perhaps even a few nerves. Take a deep breath: your big day is almost here…

General Training
The Importance of Nutrition and Recovery

As a British athlete, 400M hurdler, yoga instructor and FULFIL Ambassador, Lina Nielsen knows the significance of nutrition and recovery.

General Training
Should I Eat Breakfast Before an Early Morning Run?

'Should I eat breakfast before an early morning run?' is a question many runners ask.

General Training
Recovery Nutrition and Recipes for Runners

Here are our top recovery nutrition tips and three inspiring recipes to banish food boredom and maximise replenishment and recovery.

General Training
5 Great Tips for Great Run Fundraising

we’ve teamed up with our official online fundraising partner, Enthuse to share five quick and easy tips you can use to raise as much as possible.

General Training
Choosing trainers and keeping your feet run-ready

We’ve put together a guide to help you choose the right shoes and keep your feet in great shape so you can get the most out of your runs.

General Training
Finding time to Run

It’s so important to build running into - and around - your busy life. Once it’s part of your routine, it becomes a non-negotiable - and hard to say no.

Event Day Tips
Top Pre-Run Nutrition Tips

With the right combination of reducing your running and tweaking your diet, you can fuel your muscles to have your greatest run ever!

General Training
How To Avoid A Stitch

A stitch is a pain in the side for many of us with 27 per cent of exercisers claiming to experience it at some time...

General Training
Why training is really important

5 Reasons Why Training Is Really, Really, Really Important So, you’ve signed up for a Great Run – bravo! We’re thrilled that you’re going to be…

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