Motivation & Psychology

General Training
Beat the winter running blues

We’ve just about had enough of dreary days. We’re looking…

General Training
How to keep a positive and motivated mindset

Regardless of the circumstances around us, we can influence how we respond to any situation. Read our tips to help you stay positive and look after your mind and mental health.

General Training
10 Tips To Get You Running This January

Taking your first step outdoors in January can be tough. To make the process a little easier and to help you prepare, we’ve put together our 10 tips to get you running this January.

General Training
How to have a no-pressure new year

December is a great time to enjoy all the festivities, over indulging and spending time with loved ones but it's also good to reflect on the year you’ve had.

General Training
Face The Music

Bryan Burnett says music is increasingly regarded as a potent performance enhancer by sport scientists. Is it music to your ears?

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